Journal Impact Factor List

Updated 30 May 2011

JournalERA RankISI I.F.5-yr I.F.Cited half-lifeMax rank percentileCategories (and rank by Impact Factor)
AIAA JournalA*0.991.23110+81.5Engineering, aerospace (5/27)
American Journal of Physiology - Renal PhysiologyA3.7313.9166.383.9Physiology (18/75); Urology & Nephrology (10/62)
American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care MedicineA*10.6899.8817.797.7Critical care medicine (1/22); Respiratory system (1/43)
Annals of Biomedical EngineeringA*2.4093.1565.966.1Engineering, biomedical (20/59)
Annual Review of Fluid MechanicsA*9.35314.2510+99.2Mechanics (1/123); Physics, fluids & plasmas (1/28)
Applied Mathematical ModellingB1.3751.3795.478.5Engineering, multidisciplinary (17/79); Mathematics, interdisciplinary applications (24/80); Mechanics (39/123)
Applied Physics LettersA*3.5543.785.687.0Physics, applied (14/108)
Biotechnology and BioengineeringA3.3773.6278.277.0Biotechnology & applied microbiology (35/152)
Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and PhysiologyB1.9362.1025.941.3Pharmacology & pharmacy (143/237); Physiology (44/75)
Computers & FluidsA1.271.8318.161.0Computer science, interdisciplinary applications (48/95); Mechanics (48/123)
European Journal of Mechanics B / FluidsB1.341.3526.667.5Mechanics (40/123); Physics, fluids & plasmas (15/28)
European Journal of PhysicsB0.7410.7295.940.7Education, scientific disciplines (16/27); Physics, multidisciplinary (49/71)
Experimental Thermal and Fluid ScienceA1.2341.5577.475.0Thermodynamics (18/49); Engineering, mechanical (29/116); Physics, fluids and plasmas (16/28)
Experiments in FluidsA1.8172.0087.289.7Engineering, mechanical (12/116); Mechanics (18/123)
Flow Turbulence and CombustionA1.0211.2626.149.0Thermodynamics (25/49); Mechanics (66/123)
International Journal for Numerical Methods in FluidsA0.9361.128.442.3Computer science, interdisciplinary applications (68/95); Mathematics, interdisciplinary applications (47/80); Mechanics (71/123); Physics, fluids & plasmas (20/28)
International Journal of Heat and Mass TransferA1.9472.378993.1Thermodynamics (6/49); Engineering, mechanical (8/116); Mechanics (14/123)
International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid FlowC0.790.976.436.3Thermodynamics (32/49); Mathematics, interdisciplinary applications (51/80); Mechanics (82/123)
Journal of AircraftB0.5910.679.555.6Engineering, aerospace (12/27)
Journal of AnatomyA2.1342.77910+68.8Anatomy & morphology (5/16)
Journal of Applied PhysicsA2.0722.2788.477.8Physics, applied (24/108)
Journal of Applied PhysiologyA*3.7323.83310+98.6Physiology (17/75); Sport sciences (1/73)
Journal of Biomedicine & BiotechnologyC1.752.647444.1Biotechnology & applied microbiology (85/152); Medicine, research & experimental (56/93)
Journal of Computational PhysicsA*2.3693.02310+87.4Computer science, interdisciplinary applications (12/95); Physics, mathematical (6/47)
Journal of Engineering MathematicsA0.6910.9517.648.1Engineering, multidisciplinary (41/79); Mathematics, interdisciplinary applications (60/80)
Journal of Fluid MechanicsA*2.2832.69810+92.7Mechanics (9/123); Physics, fluids & plasmas (10/28)
Journal of Fluids and StructuresA1.2561.5527.376.7Engineering, mechanical (27/116); Mechanics (50/123)
Journal of Fluids EngineeringB0.4520.7849.733.6Engineering, mechanical (77/116)
Journal of InstrumentationN/A2.1021.8911.587.9Instruments & instrumentation (7/58)
Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid MechanicsA22.2069.890.2Mechanics (12/123)
Journal of Sound and VibrationA*1.4141.6799.281.0Acoustics (8/28); Engineering, mechanical (22/116); Mechanics (37/123)
Journal of Synchrotron RadiationA1.9942.8296.182.8Instruments & instrumentation (10/58); Optics (13/71); Physics, applied (27/108)
Journal of VisualizationB0.0 (/)
Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial AerodynamicsA0.8311.10410+55.7Engineering, civil (47/106); Mechanics (80/123)
Lab on a ChipA*6.3066.8593.391.4Biochemical research methods (6/67); Chemistry, multidisciplinary (12/140); Nanoscience & nanotechnology (7/59)
Medical PhysicsA2.7043.1176.472.1Radiology, nuclear medicine & medical imaging (29/104)
Modern Physics Letters B: Condensed Matter Physics, Statistical Physics, Applied PhysicsC0.5120.5585.216.7Physics, applied (92/108); Physics, condensed matter (55/66); Physics, mathematical (43/47)
NatureA*34.4832.9068.998.0Multidisciplinary sciences (1/50)
Nature BiotechnologyA*29.49527.625.799.3Biotechnology & applied microbiology (1/152)
Nature MedicineA*27.13627.9916.698.9Biochemistry & molecular biology (3/283); Cell biology (3/162); Medicine, research & experimental (1/93)
Nature MethodsA*16.87416.9072.898.5Biochemical research methods (1/67)
Nature PhysicsA*15.49116.8792.495.8Physics, multidisciplinary (3/71)
Optics ExpressA*3.2783.4773.195.8Optics (3/71)
Pediatric ResearchA2.6072.7238.285.1Pediatrics (14/94)
Physical Review E: Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter PhysicsA2.42.6036.789.4Physics, fluids & plasmas (8/28); Physics, mathematical (5/47)
Physics of FluidsA*1.6382.05610+79.7Mechanics (25/123); Physics, fluids & plasmas (12/28)
Physics of the Earth and Planetary InteriorsA1.9932.779.373.3Geochemistry & geophysics (20/75)
Physics in Medicine and BiologyA2.7812.995.976.0Engineering, biomedical (15/59); Radiology, nuclear medicine & medical imaging (25/104)
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of Aerospace EngineeringB0.7730.722.974.1Engineering, aerospace (7/27); Engineering, mechanical (49/116)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of AmericaA*9.43210.3127.694.0Multidisciplinary sciences (3/50)
Review of Scientific InstrumentsB1.5211.5048.369.0Instruments & instrumentation (18/58); Physics, applied (45/108)
Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering SciencesA*1.7021.82210+80.0Multidisciplinary sciences (10/50)
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering SciencesA2.2952.61310+82.0Multidisciplinary sciences (9/50)
ScienceA*29.74731.0528.896.0Multidisciplinary sciences (2/50)
Sensors and Actuators B: ChemicalA3.0833.2425.391.4Chemistry, analytical (12/70); Electrochemistry (5/24); Instruments & instrumentation (5/58)
Theoretical and Computational Fluid DynamicsA1.5111.7038.574.0Mechanics (32/123); Physics, fluids & plasmas (14/28)

I.F. - Journal Impact Factor

Calculated as Cites in 2009 to items published in 2007 & 2008 over Number of items published in 2007 & 2008.

5-yr I.F. - 5-Year Journal Impact Factor

Calculated as Cites in 2009 to items published in 2004-2008 over Number of items published in 2004-2008.

Cited half-life

The cited half-life for the journal is the median age of its items cited in the current JCR year. Half of the citations to the journal are to items published within the cited half-life.

Journal Rank (Field)

The position of the Journal in a list of all journals within their field, ranked by Impact Factor.

Rank Percentile

Calculated as 1-(rank)/(number of journals). If journals are listed in multiple subject categories, then the highest percentile is listed.

ERA Ranking

Provisional rankings assigned by the Australian Research Council (ARC) to international journals as part of the Federal Government's Excelence in Research for Australia (ERA) initiative. In descending order, journals are assigned a rank of A*, A, B or C.


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