As the FLAIR server, mec-obiwan, is getting to the end of its life at the same time as Monash e-research centre (MERC) has finally started supporting git, we're moving our server across to MERC.

Why do I care?

If you know about git then you care because this email contains the new server details. If you don't know about git, then you care because git allows easier sharing of resources across our group. What git allows us to do is have a common repository for all our scripts. If somebody finds a bug or improves efficiency, they push that change back up to the server. We can then all see that change and, with our permission, our local versions will be updated. All changes are documented so if we need to go back in time it's easy - issues can be logged as well to notify other users of problems.

For now, I've uploaded a few starting scripts into a repo called MATLAB_lib. While I'm away I'll try and port all the existing obiwan repos (python-lib, octave-lib, pycross, pivio, etc.) across to MERC. I've added all users to the git server so you should be able to access what I've already put up. External users can be added but I need to request it specifically from MERC.

For Windows:

1. Install git for windows​ (open it with start/git bash​)
2. generate ssh key:

For linux:

To clone a repository:

I have set up our first repo named MATLAB_lib for all MATLAB library files. As an example, we will clone this onto our local machine. This will give you access to the library. Any edits you make you should push back up so that we all benefit from the change.

  1. git config --global user.name "wclab-flair" (replace with your git username)
  2. git config --global user.email "wclab.flair@gmail.com" (replace with your git email)
  3. cd /folder/to/place/repo
  4. git clone git@gitlab.erc.monash.edu.au:FLAIR/MATLAB​_​lib.gi​t

Now we have downloaded the contents of the repo ​into our directory. The work flow is as follows:

  1. ​Make sure you have the latest version of files: git pull
  2. Make changes to the file
  3. Test it on your local computer
  4. Add the edited files to the stage: git add FILELIST
  5. Commit them to your "local" repo: git commit -m "Insert comment here"
  6. Repeat steps 1-4 until you're happy with the edits
  7. Push them up to the server: git push
  8. ​This will update the server's files with all your commits.​


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